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our cognac/brand / François Voyer / cognac #27 "Le Sourire" (Lot 28) - Malternative Belgium (François Voyer) - 41,0% 70cl
cognac #27 "Le Sourire" (Lot 28) - Malternative Belgium (François Voyer) - 41,0% 70cl cognac #27 "Le Sourire" (Lot 28) - Malternative Belgium (François Voyer) - 41,0% 70cl cognac #27 "Le Sourire" (Lot 28) - Malternative Belgium (François Voyer) - 41,0% 70cl cognac #27 "Le Sourire" (Lot 28) - Malternative Belgium (François Voyer) - 41,0% 70cl cognac #27 "Le Sourire" (Lot 28) - Malternative Belgium (François Voyer) - 41,0% 70cl
cognac #27 "Le Sourire" (Lot 28) - Malternative Belgium (François Voyer) - 41,0% 70cl cognac #27 "Le Sourire" (Lot 28) - Malternative Belgium (François Voyer) - 41,0% 70cl cognac #27 "Le Sourire" (Lot 28) - Malternative Belgium (François Voyer) - 41,0% 70cl cognac #27 "Le Sourire" (Lot 28) - Malternative Belgium (François Voyer) - 41,0% 70cl cognac #27 "Le Sourire" (Lot 28) - Malternative Belgium (François Voyer) - 41,0% 70cl
cognac #27 "Le Sourire" (Lot 28) - Malternative Belgium (François Voyer) - 41,0% 70cl
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cognac François Voyer Lot28 - 41,0% alcohol - 70cl - cru : grande champagne - one of 42 bottles coming from a demi john . bottled 21/07/2023 (Belgian national holliday)
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In the heart of grande champagne, we visited the cognac house Voyer for the first time in 2021. There, where vineyards whisper their stories to the wind and grapes grow in the shadow of history, we discovered a treasure trove of cognacs that had stood the test of time. A memorable day it became! As this nearly hundred-year-old cognac touched my lips, I tasted the history, joy and virtue that had been infused into it over the centuries. Every drop was like a trip back in time. As I savored this extraordinary cognac, I couldn't help but smile. Here, in this moment of pure pleasure, time itself was forgotten and the joy of life was celebrated. A smile that embodied the essence of pleasure and virtue. This demi john was kept to cherish and share.

This nearly 100-year-old cognac opens with an enticing burst of fruitiness on the nose, with notes of juicy apricots, ripe pears and sun-ripened grapes. With each sip, profound complexity unfolds, with the vibrant fruit notes seamlessly blending into the refined rancio. The rancio character offers wonderful depth to the Cognac, with hints of dried figs, walnuts and subtle earthy undertones. Sweet tobacco, ripened fruit and mint provide a wonderfully complex finish. 

about the producer:
François Voyer’s 28 hectares of vineyards are located in the Grande Champagne region, the Premier Cru of Cognac, known for producing eaux-de-vie with aromatic power and qualities suitable for long-term aging. François Voyer Cognac is a family-run Cognac house that is passionate about every detail of its production.The cognac house François Voyer transferred to its cellar master and oenologist Pierre Vaudon in 2017 to perpetuate its identity.
Their cognacs develop the typical aromas as they age. The notes of pear, banana or even blackberry in the white eaux de vie are quickly complemented after distillation by the first aromas of oak from the barrels. This combination reveals floral aromas in the young cognacs, which then develop into fruity aromas (peaches, plums, apricots, walnuts and hazelnuts). The aging process leads to spicy (cinnamon, pepper) and complex notes (leather, incense, cedar).The vineyards are in Verrières and Ambleville, and cognac has been produced there since 1870. There is mainly Ugni blanc planted. But recently Folle Blanche was also reintroduced, for the first results we have to be patient.
10% to 20% of each harvest matures for 3 years in new barrels and then in old barrels to refine the aromas. For this, they use French oak from the Limousin region, but also from forests such as Bercée, Le Gâvre or Reno Valdieu. The natural atmosphere in the cellars is more or less humid and influences the finesse or suppleness of the bouquet. Moisture softens eaux de vie, while dry cellars refine them.Every year, 10,000 bottles evaporate from François Voyer’s cellars. In 1 hour, 1 liter of brandy evaporates from the stock. Through natural evaporation, these cognacs reach 40% full in 50 to 60 years. Distilled water is regularly added to the youngest blends. As a result, young, reduced cognacs will be less dense in flavor than old cognacs concentrated by natural evaporation.
The range is classic, with a range of younger expressions, as well as exceptionally old assemblages and vintage bottles. The House of Voyer cherishes traditional knowledge and has an enormous focus on perfectionism. This combined with hard work and you have an excellent match. Definitely one of our favorite cognac houses as they brilliantly manage to set the bar very high throughout the entire range and bottle absolute uncompromising and very recognizable quality.

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Knapen Pieter - 05-05-2024 11:35

Serge Valentin,, 05/05/2024:
François Voyer 'Lot 28 Le Sourire' (41%, Malternative Belgium, Grande champagne, demi-john, 2023) Five stars
It seems this demijohn was bottled on Belgian National Day, which, to my great surprise, does not coincide with the International Day of Shrimp Croquettes (I.D.S.C.). Note that this Cognac was distilled 95 years ago, the year one of our heroes Horace Silver was born. Colour: copper gold. Nose: what splendour! We do not know the age of this Cognac, at least not when it was transferred to the demijohn, but the person who oversaw this process must surely have been a genius. Incredible ancient peach liqueur, Atlas honey (the best in the world), argan oil, very old green Chartreuse, similar Bénédictine, precious figs, saffron cream... But what splendour indeed! Mouth: one might have thought it would be a bit fragile on the palate, but not at all. Incredible citrus and small aromatic herbs, a hundred different honeys, three drops of orange juice, sweet woodruff syrup, peach liqueur again and again, a bit of sweet mint... Finish: yes, and it's truly regrettable. But what follows the finish of a great cognac is always a great cognac (please cut the crap, S.) Comments: unbelievable. 1928, that's when The Kellogg–Briand Pact was signed in Paris, it was the first treaty which outlawed 'aggressive war'. No comment.
SGP:551 - 93 points.

Knapen Pieter - 16-12-2023 08:58

Ruben Luyten,, 23/10/2023:
Nose: a warm profile, with plenty of honey-dipped peaches, subtle golden raisins, melons and herbs in old cupboards. Subtle notes of camphor and cigars. Tiny drops of lychee liqueur and whiffs of rose petals, mixed with spearmint. Very gentle and velvety.
Mouth: really fruity again. Orange peels and apricots. More lychee and rose jelly. Dried cranberries, mint, subtle liquorice, as well as some green tea. Then bright bergamot comes forward, with dried herbs such as star anise. Hints of chestnut honey and cigars in the end, getting drier and thinner.
Finish: not too long, but not woody either. Just a fine combination of fruits, mint, tobacco and herbal tea.
At this age we expect lots of tiny notes, properly integrated. This delivers exactly that. The only downside is the relatively low ABV, which makes it utterly drinkable but also lacking a bit of oomph. A great house.
Score: 90/100

Mark Dermul - 22-10-2023 12:15


Pieter Knapen, de sympathieke eigenaar van Malternative Belgium in Hasselt, drukte ons op het hart dat dit de allerlaatste release van het jaar zal zijn. En wat een jaar is het geweest, zeg! Maar hij eindigt met een knaller, want deze cognac – die de bijnaam ‘Le sourire’ meekreeg – is een cognac die bijna een eeuw geleden te slapen werd gelegd; in 1928. Da’s het jaar waarin de Zeppelin voor het eerst het luchtruim koos, in New York de allereerste gesproken film werd vertoond (The Singing Fool met Al Jolson) en ook Mickey Mouse voor het eerst op het doek verscheen in Steamboat Willie. Er zijn maar 42 flesjes beschikbaar van dit gouden goedje! Hij werd gebotteld van een dame-jeanne op onze Belgische nationale feestdag, 21 juli 2023. Je gelooft het nooit, maar wij waren daar een dag eerder. Leuk! Het komt niet vaak voor dat je zo’n oude cognac aan de lippen kan zetten. Hier gaan we efkes voor zitten.

De neus is een waar festijn! Waxy op mandarijn, mango, winegums, vers geboend parket… erg intens. Elegant en statig tegelijkertijd. Hier kan je zonder probleem twintig minuten aan snuiven zonder je ook maar één second te vervelen.

De body is eerder licht, fluweelzacht en floraal… maar dan volgt een explosie van fruit: passievrucht, mango, ananas, abrikoos, pompelmoes… wat is dat hier allemaal! Een frisse lift van menthol. De kruidigheid is erg subtiel en ingetogen. Wederom elegant en statig, inderdaad.

Middellange, indrukwekkende en bevredigende afdronk, waarbij een glimlach (ziet u wat ik daar deed?) op mijn tronie verschijnt omwille van de nagenoeg perfecte balans.

Gaat vandaag online op Malternative Belgium. Een fles kost 799 EUR, wat niet weinig is, maar ware dit een single malt, dan moesten er zonder twijfel twee nulletjes achter!


Geproefd door Mark Dermul op 13-10-2023

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