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onze cognac per merk / Jean-Luc Pasquet / cognac #8 "Le voyageur" (Lot 67) - Malternative Belgium - 40,6%
cognac #8 "Le voyageur" (Lot 67) - Malternative Belgium - 40,6%
cognac #8 "Le voyageur" (Lot 67) - Malternative Belgium - 40,6%
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Jean-Luc Pasquet - SARL Domaine Pasquet (en l’honneur de Pierre de Joyet) Lot67 (1967) - 40,6% alcohol - 70cl - cru : petite champagne - one of 438 bottles. bottled 26/03/2021 Artist label: Wim Bals
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An exceptional cognac aged in a humid cellar. This explains the lower abv. The nose is a true fruitexplosion: pineapple, papaya & peaches. Sauterness on the taste. Balanced. Again a lot of fruit, some tea freshness, bergamot. The first sip gives the fruit, the second gives you a pleasent warm honey-ginger feeling with an amazing gentle depth.

This Petite Champagne cognac represents not only the spirit of family, but also, of friendship. Count Pierre de Joyet was born into French nobility in 1921 and was governess reared in a Ruffec castle, one of the family’s many properties. Perhaps their favorite was a thirty hectare vineyard, family owned since the early 19th century, located in Jurignac, Petite Champagne. Pierre’s father, Henri, and his grandfather before him, had studied at the Ecole Polytechnique, among the finest higher educational centers in France. Although Pierre was most certainly intelligent, his father had told him that he would never be equal to the task of learning there. Pierre did end up becoming a doctor, while simultaneously perfecting his English, Russian, German, Spanish, along with acquiring East Asian languages, as well. He subsequently served as a medical officer in the French forces before becoming the doctor on board the cruise ship, Ile de France, which transported passengers on a Marseille to Dakar circuit. His medical knowledge was valuable, but even more so were his cultivation and manners, as he dined at the captain’s table every night along with the ship’s most prestigious passengers. Meanwhile, back in his native Charente, the cycles of harvest and distillation continued under his father’s care. Upon Henri’s death in the 1960’s, Pierre and his younger sister, Thérèse, inherited the Jurignac property. This cognac dates back to that transitional time period. Although they had no idea how to grow vines, nor distill wine to make cognac, they were certain they had a magical terroir. The first vineyard manager they hired to help, only took advantage of their lack of knowledge. It became apparent they needed to find another, honest manager to direct their staff. For that purpose Pierre turned to Jean Glemet whom he had met while purchasing a plot of vines that had previously been in the de Joyet family. Jean accepted this unusual proposition from this most exceptional person. While agreeing to the position in the late 1990’s, it must be noted that Jean already owned a vineyard in Malaville which he was managing with his brother, Roger. The two brothers became close friends with Pierre, not only aiding him with his vineyards, and also maintaining good family relations with his sister, Thérèse (who was loosing her sight), and Therese’s husband (who had varying ideas for the vineyards they owned jointly). Ultimately, they expanded the vineyards from 30 to 40 hectares during this period and nursed them back to health. In 2014, Pierre passed away at the age of 92; he was predeceased by his younger sister who had suffered poor health for quite some time. He passed the vineyards down to Jean and Roger Glemet, who had cared for his vines, as well as their owner and curator of these cognacs. The Glemet brothers had planned to reopen the home of the de Joyet family with a brand honoring him and his noble ancestors. But with no children of their own to succeed them, the brothers have decided to sell the beautiful, painstakingly-restored property. The renovations of the family manor, as well as the vines surrounding it, remain an attestation of the friendship between the Glemet brothers and Pierre de Joyet.

This Cognac was taken from the barrel on March 26, 2021, filling 438 bottles.

over de producent:
Het cognachuis Pasquet is gelegen in het landelijke Eraville. Met een zeer lange traditie voor wijnbouw. In 1970 erft Jean-Luc Pasquet van zijn oom Albert 8 hectaren wijngaarden in de grande en petite champagne samen met een woonhuis, de distillery met een alambic van 5 hectoliter die hout gestookt wordt en een kelder met vaten cognac. In 1977 richt Jean Luc samen met zijn echtgenote de merknaam Jean-Luc Pasquet op. In 1995 switchen ze naar een volledige biologische landbouw, in 1998 ontvangen ze hier het certicicaat voor. In 2011 neemt hun zoon Jean het bedrijf over. Momenteel heeft het domein 15 hectaren wijngaarden en distilleren ze met een alambic van 20 hectoliter. Jean's echtgenote Amy werkt ook mee in de zaak, samen runnen ze dit prachtig familiebedrijf met heel veel kennis en passie. Hun harde werk en visie zorgen dat ze heden zeer gerespecteerd zijn. Naast hun organic range (eigen distillaten) creeeren ze ook superblends (confluences) en hebben ze een neus voor het selecteren van vaten bij collega's, buren & vrienden waar ze de parels uit de kelders selecteren en ze als single cask bottelen. Jean en Amy gaan een gouden toekomst tegemoet! 

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Knapen Pieter - 23-10-2021 11:06

Valentin Audrier,, 18/10/2021:
The last cognac I tasted from Malternative Belgium was La Corbeille de Fruits, and it’s still one of my favorite P.C. So I’ve got quite high expectations on this Lot 67, another treasure from Pasquet’s cellars. 40,6% may seem a bit low, but some of the most refined P.C I’ve tried were with the same ABV or lower, so why not? Here is the Malternative Belgium Le Voyageur!
Colour: Old gold, amber lights. Medium irregular tears.
Nose: Bang! Banana cake at first. Then you get a crystal clear wave of fresh licorice. A tad medical on herbs. Camphor, orange blossom, violet blossom (ample floral notes, very Borderies-like in my humble opinion), potpourri. Quite heady for sure. Black tea. So exotic. You also get various exotic fruits litchi, mango, banana. Young melon. Massive nose!
Palate: Very syrupy. Mango juice, marasquin cherry. The impressive comeback of the floridness on rosewater and violet sweets is very convincing. Infinite mouth length. Precious wood and bourbon vanilla in the aftertaste. Nice acidity on tangerine jam. Some spices too, mainly paprika and white pepper. It ends with delicious strawberry tart aromas.
Last Notes: Some nutty and leathery scents with more air. Cashew nuts, nutmeg powder, fresh leather. Great scents of tobacco. And that’s a perfect link with the palate because you find some strong cigar aromas now. Marasquin cherry again. Verbena infusion. Black tea again. The delicious aftertaste on peach syrup and cinnamon seems never-ending. A nice au-revoir with great freshness on potpourri and licorice stick.
I miss something that I found in La Corbeille de Fruits. Maybe a little too imprecise on the palate but that’s a very small shortcoming for this delicate fruity and flowery P.C.
My very subjective note: 89+/100

Knapen Pieter - 23-05-2021 09:15

Serge Valentin,, 23/05/2021:
Another very good little Cognac house that managed to catch the attention of the usually rather monomaniacal whisky afficionados. Well, of some of us. Colour: gold. Nose: rather sublime as well, but rather less on tropical fruits, and more on honeys and flowers. Honey come from the flowers after all. I would say vanilla first, then heather honey (and flowers), orange blossom honey (and flowers), mint honey (and leaves), then rather gentler touches, dandelions, yellow flowers, buttercups, also hibiscus, jasmine… It's all very floral and a wee tad mentholy. Coriander too. Absolutely awesome, but watch the palate, that's where the devil usually lies. Mouth: rather miraculous. It's not even too fragile, even if, granted, it's not and could not be as sublimely fresh and floral as on the nose, especially at 40.6%. So it's rather playing it on herbal teas, chamomile, lime tree, hawthorn, carcadet/hibiscus, lotus… All this works just as fine since the oak remained well-behaved, and since a little citrus is there too, especially tangerines. A little mead too. Really, rather a miracle, we've tried some old lighter Cognacs that had been just insanely sublime on the nose, and flatly tea-ish and cardboardy on the palate. Finish: rather short but clean, and even fresh. A touch of liquorice in the aftertaste. Comments: pretty much a balancing act. All ended perfectly well!
SGP:651 - 90 points.

Knapen Pieter - 23-05-2021 09:13

Cognacloftet på Kjelsås (Norway), facebookpage, 15/05/2021:
Pasquet heeft veel spannende cognacs gevonden. Deze cognac moet afkomstig zijn van een bordje dat afkomstig is van dezelfde producent als de verschillende edities van Lot 62. Het geeft goed. Tot nu toe heeft Pieter achter Malternative ook laten zien dat hij een neus heeft voor goede kwaliteit cognac. Deze cognac heeft een geweldige kleine donkere gouden kleur en met een helder en delicaat hangend in het glas. Het heeft een licht geoliede textuur. De aromafoto is uitnodigend, hier is veel fruit en wat honing. Hier zijn het perziken en druiven. Deze moet verder onderzocht worden. De schatting is super soepel - alles gaat in slowmotion, maar uiteindelijk verschijnt er een volledige smaakimpressie. Hier zijn het kruiden en vruchten. Hier zijn wat eikenhouten voorbereidingen tot het einde. Dit is een geweldige cognac. De afdronk heeft een goede volheid en gaat lang mee. Deze cognac is waarschijnlijk een hit van Pasquet. Ik kijk er nu al naar uit om het weer te proeven. Echt een aanrader! Gelukkig zijn degenen die dit gekocht hebben.
90 punten.
Pasquet har funnet fram til mange spennende fat. Denne cognacen skal komme fra et fat som stammer fra samme produsent som de ulike utgavene av Lot 62. Det lover bra. Pieter bak Malternative har så langt også vist at han har nese for cognac av god kvalitet.
Denne cognacen har en flott litt mørk gyllen farge og med en tydelig og delikat heng i glasset. Den har en litt oljet konsistens. Aromabildet er innbydende, her er det mye frukt og litt honning. Her er det fersken og druer. Denne må det nok forskes videre på. Anslaget er supersmooth – alt går i slow motion, men etter hvert kommer det frem et fyldig smaksinntrykk. Her er det krydder og frukter. Her er litt eikepreg mot slutten. Dette er en flott cognac. Ettersmaken har god fylde og varer lenge. Denne cognacen er nok en fulltreffer fra Pasquet. Jeg gleder meg allerede til å smake den igjen. Anbefales varmt! Heldig er de som har kjøpt denne.
90 poeng.

Knapen Pieter - 07-05-2021 10:01

Sebastien Asaro,, 07/05/2021:
Colour: Deep amber with auburn hues.
Nose: It’s round and fruity, heather honey, solvents, peaches, mirabelles, fresh grapes and oak wood in the background adding some dryness to that mix. It’s very fresh and fruits with hints of acidity here and there.
Mouth: The alcohol integration is perfect and the texture is very oily and thick. It’s very powerful and that’s quite surprising with only 40.6%! A burst of tropical fruits at first with pineapples, ripe mangoes, watermelons, ripe melon and pineapple jam with bourbon vanilla. The this first layer fades away letting all the free space to a more fresh layer with fresh grapes, mirabelles, grassy notes, un-ripe peaches and hints of cinnamon. Finally the last layer arriver with a lot of pine wood freshness, waxy notes, wet wood and hints of heather honey.
Finish: Long. Ripe tropical fruits jam, passion fruits, peaches, grapes and pine wood freshness. All of those aromas slowly let place to a lot of oak wood and mineral notes with hints of heather honey but this time the end of the mouth is mainly dry and austere, which just add to the complexity of this beautiful “malternative” in my opinion!
I have to say that I’am really impressed by the overall power of flavour, balance and complexity. Paired with a perfect alcohol integration this is just stunning. I can’t have guessed that 40.6% could deliver so much power. Congrats for this very nice bottling and keep up with the good work!
Score: 90

Knapen Pieter - 07-05-2021 09:58

Ruben Luyten,, 07/05/2021:
Cognac Pasquet Lot 67 – Petite Champagne ‘Le Voyageur’ (40,6%, Malternative Belgium 2021, 438 btl.)
Nose: the kind of (rather acidic and slightly exotic) fruit explosion we really love. Apricots, damsons, as well as pineapple and a hint of guava. Flower petals and orange peels. Whiffs of leather. Hints of potpourri and fruit tea, as well as light nougat and a darker syrupy touch in the background.
Mouth: a fruity, energetic start again, with some oranges or rather bergamots and mirabelles, although it lacks some of the tropical brightness that we found in others. Minty notes, pipe tobacco, pine needles. Hints of verbena, ginger and green tea. A tad more herbal and leafy notes than the nose suggested. More tea leaves and hints of humidor as it evolves.
Finish: medium, still delicate and fruity, with hints of oranges, blossomy notes and subtle ginger.
This is a venerable and highly drinkable cognac with full-on fruits on the nose and refined herbal touches on the palate. Pretty great again.

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