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cognac #6 "La fine fleur" (Lot 1906) - Malternative Belgium - 40,2%

cognac #6
cognac #6 "La fine fleur" (Lot 1906) - Malternative Belgium - 40,2%
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Héritage René Rivière, Saint-Sulpice, France Lot 1906 (1906) - 40,2% alcohol - 70cl - cru : borderies - one of 44 bottles
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Gedistilleerd in 1906 - bewaard in dame jeanne sinds 1983 - 77 jaar oude cognac !

Héritage René Rivière 1906, een cognac van exceptionele kwaliteit. Bewaard sinds 1983 op dame jeanne, 2 oktober 2020 gebotteld, dus minimum 77 jaar oud en dan nog bijna 40 jaar "laten rusten en afronden" in een glazen dame jeanne. Een nieuwe vooroorlogse vondst. Zo zacht en uitermate complex. Nog zeer levendig voor zijn ouderdom. Overrijp geel fruit, rijpe meloen, bergamot en jonagold appeltjes. Een zeer aromatische en uiterst complexe cognac. Lekkere frisse kruidigheid en gember, getrokken earl grey thee en oude tabac. Wat zijn we dankbaar hier van te kunnen genieten.  

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Knapen Pieter - 01-01-2021 10:09

Serge Valentin,, 01/01/2021
La fine fleur means the cream of the crop, while Lot 1906 should mean vintage 1906 – I suppose they just haven’t got all the proper records, stamps and signatures in the book. Provided they have the book, that is. But imagine, 1906, Clemenceau was probably the Prime Minister when this was distilled, as he took office on October 25, 1906. There were also great strikes in 1906, but well, this is France and France without strikes and demonstrations is like a guitar without strings. Did you know we even organise demonstrations for tourists? Every Saturday on the Champs-Elysées, starts around 14h00, don’t be late or you’ll miss the rubbish bins being set on fire and the water cannons! Colour: amber. Nose: forgot to say, this moving juice was transferred from oak to a demi-john in 1983, so technically, it should be around 77 years old. On the nose it’s rather on nuts and cakes, hazelnuts, biscuits, marzipan, apple compote, small bits of bananas perhaps, butter pears, hand cream… So it is pretty shy I would say, discreet, elegant… In short it does not impose itself at all. Mouth: it is still discreet and elegant, but it’s also got many more fruits than expected, with the aforementioned bits of bananas, as well as mead, the usual preserved peaches, and small herbal bits, coriander, lovage, mint… Pretty simple, but fresh and good. And remember, 1906. Finish: a little short but there, it’s refreshing and leaves no dryness. Unexpected strawberries in the aftertaste. Comments: I’ve just read that René Rivière, while he was a winegrower and distiller, has also been a ‘poilu’ in 1914/1918. But luckily, he came back from the great war while so many did not. I’m sure he’s had occasional sips of his very fine 1906 until his passing, in 1969.
SGP:641 - 85 points.
(95 points emotional – à votre salut, René Rivière !).

Knapen Pieter - 30-11-2020 08:51

Ruben Luyten,, 30/11/2020

Nose: very soft and restrained, especially in a direct comparison with the others. A vague fruitiness, very ripe plums and apples, honeydew and fruit tarts. Nice hints of candied fruits as well, not just fresh ones. Dried flowers. Drops of caramel and tobacco. All good but it needs time.
Mouth: still fresh, certainly not tired. Tobacco and orange sourness, cedar wood, a few raisins and lots of rooty / leafy notes. A little liquorice and herbal tea or Darjeeling. Rather drier towards the end but always in a smooth way.
Finish: not too long, still on sweet spices, chocolate mints and oriental pastries.
Really good, but lacking a bit of power. Great to see this freshness after so many years, but not my favourite release from Malternative so far.


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