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onze cognac per merk / Chollet / cognac #4 "Le bon vivant" (Lot 1960) - Malternative Belgium - 46,3%
cognac #4 "Le bon vivant" (Lot 1960) - Malternative Belgium - 46,3%
cognac #4 "Le bon vivant" (Lot 1960) - Malternative Belgium - 46,3%
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Cognac Chollet, 16100 Boutiers-Saint-Trojan, France Lot 1960 (1960) - 46,3% alcohol - 70cl - cru : fins bois - one of 109 bottle
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Chollet Lot 1960, gedistilleerd in 1960 en gebotteld september 2020. Dit is fins bois op zijn best. In 1952 kochten de ouders van Christophe, nu samen met zijn vrouw aan het hoofd van het bedrijf, een kleine boerderij met 10 hectare grond.  Deze gronden waren nog niet volledig beplant, al snel volgde uitbreiding. In 1960 zette het bedrijf in op technologische vooruitgang. Zo kwam er een eigen privé telefoonlijn en nieuwe machines, toen nog niet gekend in de regio. In dit jaar werd ook deze oude cognac gemaakt. Met een hele rijke neus van honing, fruit, zachte specerijen en jasmijn neemt deze cognac U mee op  wandel. Met veel body en tonen van ceder en appelsienzeste walst deze lekker in de mond. Waxig, romig en floraal maar ook lichte aardse tonen, een beetje mos en truffels. De afdronk blijft zeer aangenaam en herhalend.   

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Knapen Pieter - 31-03-2022 14:04

Nicholas Barker, serious brandy, 24/03/2022:
Chollet Lot 1960 (bottled 09/14/2020) (Malternative Belgium #4 "Le bon vivant"), Fins Bois, 46.3%
Bottle/Sample Condition: Third-full or so bottle that I purchased and immediately opened in December 2020.
Color: Classic Full Amber
Nose: Classy nose that leads with mellow honey, peaches, and pine scents. There's also that slight metallic edge--if I need to pin it down, I'd say copper--that I don't mind picking up in my spirits. Nothing about this jumps out and punches you in the face. That's not a mark against it, but I don't find the nose to be out-of-this-world either. With some time, the wood spice starts to make itself known, but like everything else that's going on here, it's in-line and restrained. Quite good.
Taste: I think the ABV on this is just about right. Seeing 46.3% naturally makes me think of Scotch, and given that this is Malternative Belgium, I'm curious if there was any reduction. Regardless, it certainly works--the arrival coats the mouth and has a burst of flavor. At the same time, there's no real heat. The palate is rather nice, too. There's some of the usual suspects, but what stands out to me is a fresh mint flavor I'm getting. There's absolutely less bitterness than what I'd expect out of such an old Cognac. The honeys from the nose are back, a welcome development. I'm very impressed here.
Finish: Really lovely. The mellow-but-flavorful palate stretches out but remains very clean and light. A pleasure to sip neat and let die out on your tongue. Actually somewhat refreshing.
Comments: The first Cognac I purchased during my initial spree that wasn't from Vallein-Tercinier, Grosperrin, or JLP. It's sort of an interesting thing, because I hadn't heard of this producer before, and haven't really encountered them since. In that sense, this is a remarkable pick from Pieter Knapen, because unearthing these sorts of gems is precisely what I like to see from an indie bottler focusing on Cognac. And the price, when it was available for sale, was so ridiculously good for approximately 60-yo Cognac. All-in-all, a tremendous value for money given the quality.
By the way, I decided to review this now for two reasons: 1) I'm getting close to finishing it and wanted to have formal tasting notes before doing so; and 2) Malternative is about to release another Lot 1960 tomorrow, this time from Daniel Bouju. I'm very seriously considering a purchase (should I be able to get my hands on a bottle).
Score: 90 points

Knapen Pieter - 24-12-2020 11:39

Serge Valentin,, 24/12/2020
Looks like this is a Fins Bois. Chollet are both producers and négociants and are located in Boutiers-Saint-Trojan. I suppose this stems from their own estates. Anyway, another brandy that seems to have flown through that secret pipeline that goes from Armagnac straight to Belgium, via Cognac. Oh and this is my year, so it better be good. Colour: deep amber. Nose: exactly the opposite to the Grosperrin. Much softer, fruitier, smoother, with honeys and many crystallised and dried fruits, figs, longans, raisins, Stolle, ripe mirabelles, wee herbs wormwood, fennel, dill, verbena, yellow chartreuse… Mouth: indeed it is all fruits and flowers, but with a little black tea indeed this time, quite some pipe tobacco, moss, mint, liquorice wood... Touches of coffee too, molassy rum (just two drops), and then once again, rather a lot of honey and even pancake syrup. Finish: it’s funny that both old cognacs would converge in their finishes. More spices, pepper, bitter chocolate, cinnamon… A touch of tamarind jam and prunes in the aftertaste. Comments: it started mellow ans easy, but never stopped picking up steam then. Same ballpark.
SGP:561 - 89 points.

Knapen Pieter - 30-11-2020 08:48

Ruben Luyten,, 30/11/2020:

Nose: a rich, fragrant and fruity style. Honeyed fruits and honeysuckle, mirabelles and hints of pollen. Yellow flowers, whiffs of jasmin as well. Some allspice in the background.
Mouth: more spices now. Mint and pepper, leading to cedar wood and a nice acidity of peaches and oranges. Hints of oak polish. Leafy notes and herbal tea towards the end.
Finish: medium to long, more on fruit tea now, always with minty and herbal undertones.
A classic malternative for those who like bright fruits. I’m always happy to find this profile. Spoiler: this is my favourite of this line-up, grab it if you still have a chance.

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