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our cognac/brand / Jean-Luc Pasquet / cognac #3 "La corbeille de fruits" (Lot 62) - Malternative Belgium - 40,1%
cognac #3 "La corbeille de fruits" (Lot 62) - Malternative Belgium - 40,1%
cognac #3 "La corbeille de fruits" (Lot 62) - Malternative Belgium - 40,1%
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Jean-Luc Pasquet - SARL Domaine Pasquet Lot62 (1962) - 40,1% alcohol - 70cl - cru : petite champagne - one of 200 bottles ,Label designed by: Richard Ewen
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Jean Luc Pasquet Lot 62, distilled in 1962 en bottled 10th july 2020. An exceptional petite champagne selected by the very sympathetic & friendly Jean & Amy Pasquet. 40,1% cask strenght, a very active cask kept in a humid cellar. That's why "the angels" took more alcohol than water and the cognac is much smoother-creamy. Color : mahony-wood. The nose and the taste of this cognac are very fruity, a lot of exotic fruits as papaya, pineapple, passion fruit, but also a lot of cherries, apricots and soft spices. They come over and over again, layer by layer, Pfjoew this is phenomenal. There is also a nice balance with the wood, ginger, some stirred up chalky soil-notes. The finish is very long and so fruity, not dry at all, some mint, a lot of freshness. Very active and aromatic old cognac, for the true conaisseur. 

about the producer:
This cognac house is located in rural Eraville. With a very long tradition of viticulture. In 1970 Jean-Luc Pasquet inherits from his uncle Albert 8 hectares of vineyards in the grande and petite champagne together with a house, the distillery with a 5 hectolitre alambic wood-fired and a cellar with barrels of cognac. In 1977, Jean Luc and his wife founded the brand name Jean-Luc Pasquet. In 1995 they switch to fully organic farming, in 1998 they receive the organic farmer's certificate for this. In 2011, their son Jean takes over the company. Currently, the domain has 15 hectares of vineyards and they distill with an alambic of 20 hectolitres. Jean's wife Amy also works in the business, together they run this beautiful family business with a lot of knowledge and passion. Their hard work and vision make them highly respected today. In addition to their organic range (own distillates), they also create super blends (confluences) and they have a nose for selecting barrels from colleagues, neighbors and friends where they select the pearls from the cellars and bottle them as a single cask. Jean and Amy are heading for a golden future!

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Knapen Pieter - 22-02-2021 17:07

Serge Valentin,, 21/02/2021
This baby that reeks of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones is a sister cask of the 1962 Through The Grapevine by LMDW. It may be a little fragile given the strength… Colour: reddish amber. Nose: what a nose! Peonies, stewed red peaches, tamarind, red apricots, muscat, redder papayas, mangos… Well if this was whisky it would be Benriach 1968. Does that ring a bell? Amazing, amazing fruity nose, with an incredible freshness. Fantastico. Mouth: perfect arrival that just continues the nose, with all those wonderful fruits, plus pink bananas and litchis, but the tea-ish oakiness would then slowly take over. Oh we just won't care, since the overture was perfect. Finish: medium, tea-ish. Comments: a stunning cognac to nose. The palate is almost superfluous, just pour it back into your bottle, the nose alone is worth twice the price. To think that the French used to quaff only 2.2% of all cognac that was produced BT (before Trump).
SGP:771 - 88 points.

Knapen Pieter - 24-12-2020 11:45

Valentin Audurier,, 11/12/2020
A 58yo Petite Champagne aged in a humid cellar, selected by Jean-Luc Pasquet for Malternative Belgium. This one is the cask #1 of the Lot 62. You’ll also discover my tasting notes on the other casks, including the cask #2 for Serious Brandy. Let’s begin with this one !
Colour : Old gold, brown lights. Heavy irregular tears.
Nose : Candied exotic fruits. Red berries sweets. Stewed bananas. A nice rancio. Fruit paste with its typical sugariness. So much finesse and opulence at the same time. Cherry jam. Candied pears. Banana sweets. Licorice sweets. A bit delicate of praline notes and cocoa powder too. Apricots jam. Caramel sweets. Arlequin sweets ! It’s too inviting to resist, I have to taste this Corbeille de Fruits ! Some almond pear, with its fresh, syrupy and nutty notes. Stop it !
Palate : Very sweet and oily texture. Mango juice. Cherry sweets. Licorice sweets. Too drinkable to be sold as an alcohol ! I mean, is this cognac or fruit juice ? A great freshness too. Acidulous notes. Watermelon juice. Apricots juice. A little buttery. Rancio notes are mostly on fruits for this one. Pear cake. Multi-fruits juice. Candied figs and raisins. It reminds me some aspects of the specific fruitiness of the Grosperrin 1959. But it is way fruitier. Fresh kiwi juice. This Corbeille de Fruits is extremely addictive.
Last Notes : With more air, banana syrup smells. Tarte tatin. Tinned pears. Pineapple juice. Apricot juice. Hints of floral scents : rose water, nice touch of lavender and violet. Then it’s back on fruits, of course ! Caramelized peaches. Prunes cake as there is a little of pastry notes too. But fresh fruits and fruit juices have the best part of the nose. Banana liquor. Still a great freshness on menthol and fresh licorice. Exquisite !
And the palate ? Tinned plums and pears. Raspberries juice. Blackcurrant juice with its typical bitterness/dryness. Even the texture matches this impression, reinforced by some grapefruit juice aromas. Still very candied. Banana fruit paste. Fig jam. Licorice sweets. Strawberries salad with its mint leaves and its sugary/acidulous juice . Magnificent. Hints of milk chocolate notes. Pineapple cake for sure. It reminds me a lot the stunning fruitiness of some old malts, especially a Lochside 1967 (by Coopers Choice if I’m not mistaken)…It ends on peach syrup, black currant juice and licorice sweets.
La Corbeille de Fruits kept its promises. This Lot 62 is fruity, of course, but more than that it is a monument of finesse and precision. Every aromas are delivered by little touch with a great richness. The low ABV (40,1%, humid cellars you know) hides a huge potential. Can’t wait to taste the other casks…
My very subjective note : 91/100

Knapen Pieter - 30-08-2020 09:17

Ruben Luyten,, 28/08/2020:

Cognac Pasquet ‘Lot 62’ Petite Champagne (40,1%, Malternative Belgium 2020, 200 btl.)
Nose: this is the fourth or fifth time I’m trying it and it always blows me away. The fruitiness is amazing, with papaya, bergamot and pineapple cordial to the fore, then loads of honeydew, juicy cherries and dried apricots. Some mango chutney. Plenty of polished furniture, whiffs of etheral oils as well as tiny notes of menthol, parsley and thyme. A stunning nose.
Mouth: the fruitiness keeps going, now a tad thinner, with a bright acidity that makes it really vibrant. Passion fruit, loads of peaches, lime and pineapple. Bergamot again, as well as some mint and jasmine which add to the fresh appeal. Some herbal notes, candied ginger and a light leathery edge. Old exotic wood. Slightly fragile, sure, but it has a lot say and the wood is well controlled.
Finish: quite long, on resinous notes, herbal tea, mint and cinnamon.
Marvellous cognac again. Utterly drinkable, utterly fruity (like a Bowmore 1968) and the best of the three so far in terms of value for money.

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