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Cognac per merk / François Voyer /

cognac #10 "La fête" (Lot 71) - Malternative Belgium - 43,3% 70cl

cognac #10 "La fête" (Lot 71) - Malternative Belgium - 43,3% 70cl
cognac #10 "La fête" (Lot 71) - Malternative Belgium - 43,3% 70cl
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François Voyer Lot71 (1971) - 43,3% alcohol - 70cl - cru : grande champagne - one of 42 bottles. bottled 21/07/2021 (Belgische nationale feestdag) Artist label: Hermien Verbiest

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Knapen Pieter - 10-10-2021 12:22

Serge Valentin,, 10/10/2021:
I may have said before that our Belgian friends are very good at selecting old French brandies, not just at playing futbol against us (grin). Colour: deep gold. Nose: ueber-easy fruit-salad-y old cognac, absolutely stunning with this incredible freshness, just shock-full of fresh apples, peaches, pears, bananas, papayas and… a family pack of liquorice allsorts. A little vetiver, ylang-ylang, jasmine… It is impressively fruity and fresh and I cannot not wonder if it didn't stem from an old demi-john rather than from a cask. Mouth: same fruity extravaganza, more tropical this time, with pink grapefruits, litchis for sure, woodruff, Benedictine and a little green wood around the periphery. Finish: medium, with a little more honey and a little more eucalyptus from the oak. Soft pine liqueur and thyme tea. Comments: so, demi-john or cask? The jury's still out but the score is very high again.
SGP:561 - 90 points.

Knapen Pieter - 24-09-2021 12:45

Ruben Luyten,, 24/09/2021:
Nose: more delicate and refined. More on floral notes and beeswax, with the same juicy fruits underneath. Peonies, apricots, bananas and orange oils. Maybe rambutan. Orange blossom, mint leaves and verbena as well. Pure seduction.
Mouth: oh yes! So much finesse here. It’s all on bergamots, verbena, guava, pineapple and passion fruit. More acidity and brightness, with a very oily texture and none of the robust spices and wood. I love this. The fruity refinement evolves towards herbal tea and more of these blossomy notes. Just a hint of cedar wood in the end, but overall hardly any wood.
Finish: long and light as a feather. Bright fruits, more berries now, even a tiny hint of cassis and lychee?
Absolutely delicious. A huge fruitiness and the light-footed elegance of a ballerina. Younger and less expensive (€ 240), this one gets my vote! Pieter will reserve a few bottles for future tastings, but unfortunately only the most loyal Malternative buyers will be able to get a bottle in order to complete their collection.
Score: 91/100

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Het vinden van cognac van exceptionele kwaliteit geeft ons echt voldoening. Dit kunnen delen met gelijkgestemde levensgenieters is nog mooier, santé ! 




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