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Cognac by brand / Héritage de René Rivière /

cognac #2 "Mon petit trésor" (autour de 1913) - Malternative Belgium - 40,5%

cognac #2 "Mon petit trésor" (autour de 1913) - Malternative Belgium - 40,5%
cognac #2 "Mon petit trésor" (autour de 1913) - Malternative Belgium - 40,5%
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Héritage de René Rivière Autour de 1913 - 40,5% alcohol - 70cl - cru : borderies - one of 42 bottles

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49% alcohol - 70cl - cru : borderies - one of 42 bottles
Distilled in 1913 - kept in dame jeanne since 1983 - 70 years old cognac !

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Knapen Pieter - 26-07-2020 09:14

Serge Valentin,, 26/07/2020:

The Belgians! They drink our best Champagnes and quaff our best Cognacs, mind you, which we cheap Frenchies always forget to do ourselves. Where do we write to complain? Brussels? Joking, we just love them. By the way, this old Borderies was transferred to demijohns in 1981, so technically it is, very, very roughly, a 70 years old. Colour: full gold. Nose: before world war one, imagine! By the way, should you like to listen to some splendid selections of old music from all over the world, you may check this extraordinary website called Listening to some +/-1910 French chansons while trying this baby just adds another dimension. Old-style melon liqueur, overripe apples, quinces, yellow and white flowers (honeysuckle!), light acacia honey, a touch of mushroom, a whiff of wood smoke, and a good glass of very old Meursault, how does that sound? It’s pretty light, subtle, certainly complex, and perhaps a tad fragile but only the palate will tell. Let’s proceed… Mouth: indeed it is soft, a little light, pretty floral yet again, and rather all on herbal teas, from the usual chamomile to orange blossom and just green earl grey. Some tiny notes of bergamots and kumquats after that, drops of moderately liqueur-y sweet wines (say late-harvest riesling), then touches of old herbal liqueurs that were all the rage when this was distilled, absinth/wormwood, verbena, mullein, then a little turpentine and angelica. It remains a little fragile all along but would just never hunker down. Like all those men and boys who were about to be send to the trenches. Finish: not very long, but still fresh, herbal, and fruity. This is life, till the end. Comments: it is moving, really. The people who distilled this lovely juice probably died in the following years. From a bullet, a piece of shrapnel, gas, typhus, or from the Spanish flu epidemic. Keep wearing your masks if you’re not an idiot – but I believe very few idiots read Whiskyfun anyway (bragging a little bit, I know). Very lovely and delicate old Cognac.
SGP:441 - 91 points.

Knapen Pieter - 04-07-2020 11:49

Ruben Luyten,, 01/07/2020:

Nose: even though I don’t have the first release to compare directly, it is certainly the same style. Very elegant, very fresh and floral, with the typical fragrant apricots, orange peel, and quinces, mixed with mint and dried flowers. Golden raisins. Verbena. Orange blossom. Soft hints of cedar and tobacco.
Mouth: tobacco and mint again, then eucalyptus and herbal tea. Oranges, peaches, greengages and mirabelles. Just a little pink grapefruit, but this is slightly less tropical than the first. The oak feels a little towards the end, with some resinous notes. Impressive freshness overall, just imagine this was made over 100 years ago!
Finish: quite long, on herbal teas, citrus peel, mint and wood resin.
Another excellent fresh cognac from this house. I may prefer the first release by a small margin, but this is another collector’s item that is even more drinkable and even more delicate.

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